vendredi 25 juillet 2008

Mille Mercis, Jenny! - A Thousand Of Thanks, Jenny!

Mille mercis, Jenny, pour ton beau cadeau. Ça n'a pris que trois jours pour le recevoir! Belgique - Boucherville
Câlins, x x Marie-Josée

Many thanks, Jenny, for your beautiful gift. It only took three days to receive it! Belgium - Boucherville
Hugs, x x Marie-Josee

2 commentaires:

JB a dit...

With pleasure Marie-josée , the
two rubberstamps where they still
in the envelop ? Airmail go very
very fast ha ha !!!

Greetings Jenny @>-

trudelmj a dit...

Sure they were in the envelope. And I love them!

x x x